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4 critical things you must check for if you want the best Forex trading broker for you.  VP breaks them down one-by-one.


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We go over indicators in general a lot in this episode, not just the paid variety.  VP has tested thousands of them.  He has purchased about a dozen of them.  And as usual, he has an opinion on all of them.


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This is very easy to get wrong.  The good news is, once you have a good number in place, you can set it and forget it.  Having the right leverage is also a great way to figure out if you're over-trading or putting too much money on a single trade.  In Episode 8, VP gives you two options.


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I'm about to save you a ton of money on this one.  Be honest though, what do you think a professional trader typically uses to trade?  No matter what you thought, you were probably right -- but there is a best way to do this.  And it just happens to be the least expensive option out there.


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